So a bit about me, yeah?  24 year old foodie-wanderlust-er who loves an avocado . Basic white girl 2 the max.

Yeah my Starbucks order might be a decaf gingerbread latte with soya milk (tragic I know), but I’m also a massive rugby enthusiast, dog fanatic, nap taker, awkward hugger, travel lover and all round general foodie. Whether it’s eating it, cooking it, styling it or just thinking about it, I just bloomin’ love food.

What can you expect on my website? Thats a good ol’ question. A bit of everything really – undoubtably a plethora of recipes, probably some anecdotal travel blogs and anything and everything in between. For more regular updates, follow me on Instagram: @_sammyskitchen.

2 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi there, your mum left a lovely note at St.Nick’s today with a pic of you and Emma graduating, well done – so great to hear how you’re getting on. Love your blog too! I will show the pic to Mrs.Smith too. All the very best for the future, Mrs Kieran x


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