Hello Internet, I’m Sammy and I have no idea what I’m doing.

I’m sitting here at my desk with a cup of tea next to me, listening to (and thoroughly enjoying) some of S Club 7’s finest tunes. My laptop is open in front of me with the title of my latest  uni assignment  looming over me like they always seem to do. I’ve finally got bored of scrolling through pointless social media, and inevitably watching too many videos of dogs and any other mildly amusing video that has made its way onto my timeline.

I guess I should probably start with what this blog is. So when it came to choosing the name of this blog, just like most things in my life, I was very indecisive. I thought about maybe fulfilling the cliche British stereotype, by including ‘tea’ in the title, and consequentially came up with the name ‘Tea for Two’ because I thought it sounded all cute and had a nice lil ring to it. However, after the sudden realization that the tea isn’t actually for two, because I’m tragically yet to meet my Prince Charming, it’s pretty much just  ‘Tea for Me’. Oh well, I’m forever the optimist so maybe one day that tea will turn into two (lol who am I kidding #foreveralone).

Anyhoo, back to the topic in hand. So again, much like most things in my life, I have no idea what this little blog is or will become, but I guess it’s another procrastination station for me to enjoy, and document anything that takes my fancy. I’m really here because like numerous other university students, I have approximately zero idea what I want to do after I graduate (if I actually manage to graduate), so I thought why not start a blog, seeing as it seems to be ‘the thing to do’ these days. Bit of a clue in the title, but I’d imagine this blog will begin to contain posts on things I take interest in, which in a nut shell are: cooking (and food in general, I bloody love food), maybe visiting some snazzy new places during my delightfully long holidays (student perks), but probably just more good food, because after all I am A Foodie At Uni.

So I don’t really know what else there is for me to say in this first blog, so for now here it is, just me and my tea loving self, sitting in my overly cluttered uni room, with a delightful bar of homeade granola, attempting to dive into this massive space called the Internet. Congratulations if you’re actually still reading this, you are my new fave and I will reward you with this delightful picture of what can only be described as the best thing that has ever come out of my existence (homemade sweet and salty chocolate cake, obviously).

sweet and salty chocolate cake

Laterz, internet people,

Sammy xoxo

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