Post Training Breakfasts: Protein Porridge & all the Goodies 

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Right so first things first – fasting workouts? I always try to avoid exercising on an empty stomach, but often if I’m training in the morning I can never stomach a full on breakfast beforehand. If this is the case, I always make sure I drink some water beforehand, and have plenty with me during training. I also make sure I eat at least half a banana beforehand, otherwise shit is gonna go downhill from there. HIIT workouts are often seen as the best kind of training to do as a fasted workout, as they continue to burn fat after you’ve stopped exercising (such a winner). Also you can normally smash them out in about 20 minutes, which is just perfect for a quick morning session.

So I’ve done my HIIT, and all of a sudden I feel absolutely ravenous, so want something quick that is high in protein and carbs, to help out my muscles and replenish the energy I’ve just used up. This is def one of my favourite post training breakfasts – vanilla protein porridge topped with raspberries, blueberries and stewed apple purée, sprinkled with chia seeds. It almost goes a kind of cake-like texture thanks to the protein powder, which is really just another winner at breakfast time. To make this I just add a scoop of protein powder to a normal porridge mix before heating, along with a some extra water. Chocolate protein powder is as equally delicious, and you can basically add whatever toppings you fancy.


– 80g rolled oats

– 200ml ish of water or milk depending on what consistency you look (can use a combo of water and milk)

– 1 scoop whey protein powder

– 1/4 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

– Your favourite toppings


1. Mix the oats, liquid, protein powder and vanilla in a bowl. You want it to be a quite a loose mixture, so add more/less liquid as required.

2. Heat in the microwave on high for 90 seconds then stir. Heat again for a further 60 seconds. Top with whatever you the hell you fancy.

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