Soup season: mushroom soup

We’re definitely getting into soup season and I bloody love it. I love the autumnal trees and the crisp mornings. I love that it’s chilly but not so cold that you’re worried you might actually freeze your tits off. And I love soup. Well isn’t this all just lovely.

Mushroom soup is one that I’ve been making for absolutely ages. I remember helping my parents make it when I was little, chopping the mushrooms with my blunt Winnie the Pooh knife. It’s so tasty and one of the easiest things to make. This was one of the first things my brother tried to make at uni, but stupidly thought he’d try to save time by chopping the veg and blending it straight away, somehow thinking you could fry them once it was in soup form. So basically he made raw onion and mushroom soup. He can confirm, 11/10 would not recommend.

This soup will last a good few days in the fridge, or can be made in bulk and frozen. I used cream in mine today because we happened to have some in the fridge, but at uni I often used cream cheese or even milk (a combo of the two works well) to lighten it up a little by just using things already in my fridge. That’s the best thing about this soup, I never have to go out of my way to buy the ingredients because they’re things I always have in stock. I often made it if I’d neglected my mushrooms that week and they’d started to go slimy – they’re not at their best but that doesn’t matter when they’re in soup. So I find it a great way to reduce my food waste and basically take comfort in a nice bowl of soup. Lovely.


– 1 large onion
– 1 punnet of mushrooms
– 1 clove of garlic
– 750ml stock (I use chicken cos I like the flavour)
– dash of cream or cream cheese (1-2tbsp)


1. Slice your onions, mushrooms and garlic and fry in a large saucepan for about 10 minutes or until soft. Don’t worry about chopping everything too fine as you’re just going to blend them all anyway.
2. Pour in 500ml of your stock and blend the mixture with a stick blender. A food processor would also work just fine but its a bit more of a pain to clean.
3. Add the rest of the stock or as much as you would like to create your desired consistency. Pour in the cream or cream cheese and give it another blend along with some black pepper. Serve up and enjoy.

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